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Welcome to the Stratforge Innovation Platform

We’re the technology start-up team behind the Stratforge Cloud based Innovations. All solutions are built to scale, secure, connect, extend and empower enterprise users all entirely over Internet. There is no spend for you to research, design, develop - there's is no code to secure, maintain, extend - there’s no infrastructure to invest, set up, & manage; you just sign in and start working, you plug in and we make it happen. "We make everything new", now. All our solutions are swift, complete, connected. 

Stratforge Products


Stratforge Pulse

Customer Sentiment Analysis, Speech Analytics, Customer & agent behaviour, Next Action [process automations]

Stratforge RedFlare 

AI powered Process & Quality Audit for Customer Engagement channels, compliance & risks management

Stratforge FastPath

Guided Support, Knowledge assist AI & Fast path resolution map driving Customer experience

^stratforge: Smart Enterprises

Add deep functional flexibility without disrupting existing infra investments.
Bootstrap the ability to integrate new age technologies over existing eco-systems.
Drive adoption of deep tech solutions delivering performance and value.  
Building unified & intelligent eco-systems without hassle. 

Seamless adoption of disruptive tech.

Make AI work; work for you. 

Built on the Stratforge INAWE Platform, our AI product portfolio delivers Customer Workflows across all channels that matter—with enterprise grade AI solution blocks that help drive every part of your digital transformation story. Design great experiences, deliver performance. 

Simplified AI. Now.

Enroute creating great transformation stories with some of the largest names in this planet. Large enterprises trust Stratforge solutions for the rapid time to deploy, packaged solutions, quick configurable building blocks, immediate value, wrap-on technology with 'almost zero' infra disruption, least IT time and effort spend. 

Augmented AI. New.

Make workforce smarter with AI-augmented data discovery, decision support, guided resolution, workflow automation, process automation, process auditing. Automatically cut through complicated, intense engagement processes and learn what happened, why it happened, what will happen, how to fix it, how to prevent it across. 

Explore our Solutions

Customer Experience Management

Track customer sentiment on product, services, experience, emotions; correlate with CSAT engine. 

Financial Service Transformation

Financial services industry firms
now can focus on becoming holistically digital, customer-facing enterprises. 

Digital Payments

Drive efficiency, greater controls, increased security, regulatory compliance around Payments Processing and Execution.

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Careers with Stratforge


The internship program provides the opportunity for the brightest of minds to work with the key members of the Stratforge Research team who are accountable for solution ideation, design, development and monetization. You will be mentored through academics and will be considered for full time role within the engineering team. All through you get all our attention and care.!

R&D Labs

At Stratforge Labs, we develop life-impacting, world-changing products, right here in India. We are a diverse group of incredibly talented individuals who work together to breathe life into brilliant ideas. Our focus is to bring ideas to life, life to impact. Our startup culture is one that thrives on innovation, embraces teamwork, pursue excellence and possesses a strong will to succeed. 


Innovate with the newest technologies. Unleash your creativity and let's transform and make everything new. Explore latest digital methodologies and design thinking, dwell in cloud, AI, ML, smart automation, FinTech, DevOps and Agile. Join the hive & help propel tomorrow, today.

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